You may be feeling a bit more stressed and emotionally challenged lately with all the news and social media posts relating to COVID.  I feel you, and I get it.  If it weren’t for having great teachers in my life, I would probably not be as calm and happy as I am.   What if I told you that, even during these crazy times, you can learn how to turn down the stress within minutes and start feeling joy, gratitude, and even bliss?  It’s my pleasure to share with you five easy ways to smooth out those challenging moments and feel better than you probably have in a very long time?  Are you ready for a lot more of those happy vibes from now on?  Anyone can develop these new habits and quickly be back in that happy place.  They work for me every time.

1.  Meditate

This is my number one daily habit!  I highly recommend treating yourself to a few minutes of meditation every day.  If you don’t know how to meditate yet, don’t worry.  I’ve recorded 3 of my favorite guided meditations that we filmed in some magical places here in Maui, Hawaii.  Each one is unique.  They range from a simple 5-minute meditation up to more multi-sensory experiences for either 20 or 28-minute meditations.  Each includes soothing background music as well as nature sounds from their recorded environments of oceans and forests.  You can download them here for free!

  • This one resource will absolutely help you to decrease stress while increasing joy on a daily basis.  You may want to start by meditating at least once a day.  We do a 20-minute meditation first thing in the morning prior to having breakfast.  What a wonderful way to start every day!  Want to have a great night’s sleep?  Do another meditation towards the end of your day.  Twice a day is our recipe for sustaining a Euphoric Life.  Click here to access your free guided Meditations From Maui.  
  • Click here for Additional benefits of meditation.

2. This present moment

Need a quick fix on a regular basis?   This is the fastest way to flip the switch from stress to joy.   Most of our stress and mental suffering is self-inflicted.  Yep, you read that right.  Suffering is optional.  Notice the next time you feel stressed…what are you thinking about?  Is it something that you’re worried about in the future?  Something that hasn’t happened yet?  Is it about the past?  Finances?  About someone else?  The list goes on.  Sound familiar?

Now, close your eyes, relax, take a couple of slow breaths.  Relax your facial expression, neck, and shoulders.  Now notice this present moment.  Notice your next breath coming into your body.  You’re alive!  Notice any sensations on your skin, a slight breeze.  If you’re indoors, feel the gratitude of being in a safe place.  If you’re outside, notice the nature around you and take it all in.  Now notice this moment.  And this one.  As you continue with calm steady breaths, these moments continue.  Allow yourself to notice how you are starting to feel now… more calm, expansive, and joyful.  Welcome yourself back to your natural state of being.  One of peace, more clarity, and joy.  It’s okay to let yourself smile in this state.  All you need is within you in this present moment.

3. Get out in nature

Outdoors is my favorite place to be!  Most stress relievers focus on changing your emotions. But sometimes, you won’t necessarily get relief until you change your environment.  My go-to resource is Mother Nature.  Just get outside.  Look around.  Take your shoes off.  Put your bare feet and hands on the grass.  Allow Mother Nature to filter the stress right out of your body.  Pause and simply enjoy this transition back to a peaceful state.  Look up to the sky, the clouds, the trees.  Listen to the sound of birds.  Take in a sunset or sunrise.  Hug a tree.  Yes, really.  You may be pleasantly surprised when you feel the tree-loving you right back.  After all, you’re more connected than you may realize.  In a deeper sense, you’re actually hugging yourself at the same time.  Stay there in nature for a moment and take it all in with gratitude. Changing your environment can also include being more selective about the people you follow on social media, TV, or your living environment.  Pay attention.  All of this matters.

4. What would feel good right now?

What would bring you joy?  What would you be enthusiastic about?  Use your imagination without any limits.  Start visualizing how that would look and feel, right now.  Now go do some of those things.  Pencil some of these things into your life with a day and time.  Plan vacations around people, places, events that bring you joy.  

5. Prioritize Exercise

Jeff Cavalier/ Athlean-X

There is a reason why you hear this so often.  Exercise really does prompt your body to release feel-good hormones like endorphins, which can help you to feel less stressed.  Not only will you feel better, but you may also be happier about living a healthier lifestyle and it can show up in both your appearance and your mood.  Set goals for yourself for your energy level, body weight, and fitness level.  Don’t know where to start? Do a simple google search about healthy fitness levels To help keep track of your health and fitness plus guides on each, I like using Fitbit.  It’s an app and smartwatch that puts a world of health & fitness in your hands.  Maybe you would like to have a handsome and sexy trainer to coach you anytime you like for fitness programs, nutrition, and meal plans.  People ask what I do to stay in shape at 62 years old.  This is it.  My go-to trainer is Athlean-X with Jeff Cavaliere.  Give him 90 seconds and he’ll help you find the program that matches your goals.  You can also access lots of his free videos on YouTube.   Go for it!  You’re worth it!

6. Express Gratitude

When you first wake up in the morning and take your first breath, say to yourself:  Wow!  I’m alive!  Be grateful for another day.  Take a moment to feel that gratitude before getting out of bed.  This also has the effect of being more aware of your mortality and starts your day with a wonderful sense of appreciation for this life and every moment.

There ya have it.  My favorite 5+ habits to maintain joy and good health.  You now have the tools to create habits for quickly reducing stress while living happier and healthier lives from now on.  Now is a GREAT time to start!  Wondering what other tips might be available to turn your world around for the better, especially now?  Stay tuned for the next post.  Be sure to join our email list so you get immediate access to more Euphoric Life Resources when they become available!  

If you haven’t downloaded your FREE guided meditations that we filmed here on Maui, be sure to get them now!

FREE Download– Multi-Sensory Guided Meditations Filmed in Maui

Living on Maui, Hawaii, obsessed with creating a life of fun, adventure, balance, meditation & bliss while creating abundance doing what I love. Now, I'm sharing with you all my resources for manifesting that dream life you deserve.

I'm Brent Ragan



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3 Guided Multi-Sensory Meditations
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Living on Maui, Hawaii, obsessed with creating a life of fun, adventure, balance, meditation & bliss while creating abundance doing what I love. Now, I'm sharing with you all my resources for manifesting that dream life you deserve.

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